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R.I.P Spectrum

5 Nov

The time has really actually finally come. As reported¬†here on 94.1 WYSP’s website, the Spectrum will be surrounded by protective fencing come Monday, November 8, and it will really actually finally be no more. The notion that the Spectrum would be destroyed was something I kept as exactly that: a notion. Every time I would hear any mention of it, I would allow it to float into my mind and float right back out again.

Pierre Robert of 93.3 WMMR commented on his radio show earlier this week that Americans are so quick to destroy old landmarks, and I could not agree more. When memories are attached to something physical and it’s destroyed, it puts a mortality rate on the memories themselves, as if they might disappear, too. The Spectrum was the place where I got to watch David Lee Roth prance about in a neon green jumpsuit, and he was almost two decades outside the Eighties when that happened. Whatever will I do without a memory like that? Snarkiness aside, it is a shame to see the Spectrum go.

There is a glimmer of hope, though. For the low price of $25, you can take a part of this landmark home with you. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 6, the Spectrum will open its doors and people will be allowed to take home anything they can carry – chairs, computer equipment, you name it. If only the Rocky statue was still there.

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