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Analog Megan

18 Nov

The same friend who said I live my life in a haiku (see the About sector on this piece) has also called me Analog Megan a time or two. I love film – love love love film, even majored in it in college (Temple University) and hold an actual piece of paper stating that I’m skilled in the ways of Film and Media Arts, or supposed to be, at least. I also enjoy Cage the Elephant. So when a little tweet popped up in my Twitter feed about the new video by them called Shake Me Down, I figured I’d have a look-see.

Not sure what it’s shot on, but I know it’s film, and I know that it makes feel real good when I see it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve succumbed to the digital age, and I embrace it for it’s ease and convenience, but there is just something about film, be it still photography or a motion picture that sends my heart all aflutter. I’ve certainly carved out a little spot for myself in the world of fim geekdom, and I feel very happy every time I go there.

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