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The Man

19 Nov

Originally posted on Carl Sexton’s blog,  Smell the Glove. Learn it, love it, follow it:


Analog Megan

18 Nov

The same friend who said I live my life in a haiku (see the About sector on this piece) has also called me Analog Megan a time or two. I love film – love love love film, even majored in it in college (Temple University) and hold an actual piece of paper stating that I’m skilled in the ways of Film and Media Arts, or supposed to be, at least. I also enjoy Cage the Elephant. So when a little tweet popped up in my Twitter feed about the new video by them called Shake Me Down, I figured I’d have a look-see.

Not sure what it’s shot on, but I know it’s film, and I know that it makes feel real good when I see it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve succumbed to the digital age, and I embrace it for it’s ease and convenience, but there is just something about film, be it still photography or a motion picture that sends my heart all aflutter. I’ve certainly carved out a little spot for myself in the world of fim geekdom, and I feel very happy every time I go there.

Cover Me Baby One More Time

11 Nov

Following along with my accidental theme of cover songs and Mouseketeers (interview with former MMC alum Tony Lucca coming very very soon), I’ve come to find that Britney Spears’ catalog is quite the popular cover choice.

I will say it loud and proud that I love Marty Casey’s stripped down cover of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Who is Marty Casey, you say? He’s a tall, handsome, wiry blonde rocker from Chicago whose initial claim to fame happened to be as runner-up on the 2005 reality show Rock Star: INXS. He also happened to be, as far as I’m concerned, the one who should have won. Not winning, however, has allowed him to sing with L.A. Guns, as well as remain with his original band, the Lovehammers, who are totally kick-ass and worth checking out.

I digress.

One of Casey’s performances on Rock Star included his own rendition of Spears’ hit song, which I recently rediscovered and now find myself listening to more than I care to admit.   Now, suddenly, every which way I turn, someone’s mentioning a Britney Spears song and it never seems to be performed by the original artist herself. Magnet Magazine threw a mention to The Chapin Sisters’ cover of “Toxic,” which is also quality. This led me further down the rabbit hole where I discovered quite an extensive list of Britney Spears covers, some by pretty well known artists.

This surprises me for two reasons: 1, that so many artists are making the choice to cover a Britney Spears song and 2, that they’re doing it so soon. I suppose it’s kitschy in its own way, and there is definitely a humorous novelty aspect to it, but these more than decent covers only seek to highlight the potential for Britney Spears’ songs and solidify her relevance in the music world. Not entirely sure if that’s a good or a bad thing…

Here’s a little taste of the best I could find:

Marty Casey “Hit Me Baby One More Time

This one belongs on Britney Spears Storytellers, but with Marty Casey and on VH1’s Unplugged.

Lily Allen “Womanizer”

The training wheels are off. With a similar pop feel as the original, Allen adds a sexy sultriness Spears could never touch.

The Chapin Sisters “Toxic

Languid and soulful – who knew?

All American Rejects “Womanizer

The intro is funny, putting this version at the top of the kitsch list, but the Rejects throw in a little of the Turtles, “Happy Together” making this quite the mash up.

Franz Ferdinand “Womanizer”

Clearly the fan favorite of Britney tunes to cover, this version has a little lounge singer, Stray Cats meets Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds vibe to it for me.

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