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Remake of the Week: Coldplay Pay Tribute to MCA

8 May

Coldplay covers “Fight for Your Right” by the Beastie Boys


If I could come back during any time period….

18 Apr

If I could come back during any time period....

Awesome book. Read it.

11 Mar

If you’re a fan of listening to live music and doing who knows what in a city that makes you choose your own adventures, then there’s a good chance you’re a fan of SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST. After we endured a 46-hour trek from Toronto to Austin via train last Spring, the minute we landed into the home of the Longhorns and the somewhat unauthorized birthplace of independent sound, our hearts sank into our chests, and the neverending roller coaster of new music began. The weekend festival prides itself in main attractions, making SXSW the local town band, but the one you will forever love. Dusting off this year’s eclectic lineup injected with hip hop, garage rock, punk, R&B and electronica, here’s our picks – aside from favs Titus Andronicus, Santigold and Fiona Apple – for artists to tune into.

Click here for dates, partiesand a schedule for the…

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