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You Are What You Watch

3 Nov

According to a study by Mindset Media, you are what you watch. The psychographic marketing research group conducted a study that analyzed the personalities of TV viewers based on what shows they were tuning in to every night.

Mindset will take the data to its clients who will then be able to use the information for advertising purposes. Advertisers can then use the results to target audiences and appeal to the personality traits drawn to a specific show. “Your personality determines what you consume, what TV shows you watch, what products you buy, and all the other decisions you make — political choices, for example,” said Mindset Media CEO Jim Meyer, “We didn’t invent psychographics or personality traits — they are really the things that separate buyer groups where demographics fail.”

Mindset analyzed 25,000 television viewers of more than 70 shows, and the results showed that audiences who regularly tuned into the same shows possessed common personality traits. They shared the self-reported data with Advertising Age, http://adage.com/article?article_id=146779, who reported the results on Monday.

How does your personality match up?

‘Mad Men’: “Emotionally sensitive” and “intellectually curious” are the creative types tuning into this one, which makes a boat load of sense since it is, afterall, a show about the creative art of advertising. They’re the dreamers more than the realists of the world. Politics came into play with this one, as well, and the study showed that way more liberals tune in than conservatives.

‘Glee’: The Volkswagon Jetta driving set make up Gleeks, as they are the ones who feel things more fully, be it happy or sad. Experimental, intellectual, open-minded and imaginative creative types are tuning into Glee every week.

‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: “Pugnacious” was the word used to best describe viewers of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Aggressive, antagonistic, botox-loving drama-queens reign supreme over viewership of this one. Talk about life imitating art. This audience enjoys watching the show almost as much as they like looking at themselves in the mirror.

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Fiber’s where it’s at for the traditionalist viewers of this one. That’s right: fiber. The study found that, despite all the glitz and glam, DWTS’ fans favor stability, respect authority and purchase lots of Fiber One.

‘The Office’: Alphas who prefer to be in charge and brag happily about their accomplishments are tuning into The Office. They like to be the ones doing the directing, not the other way around. Got a superiority complex? Chances are, you’re tuning into this one.

‘Family Guy’: Rule breakers and rebels like this off-color comedy cartoon. Haters and Harley riders who shun authority and “won’t hesitate to make their feelings known with anger or sarcasm” make up this show’s viewership. Damn the man.

Do any of these describe you? Care to share?


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